Find your groove.

I have always loved anything that has lived a little.  Anything well-loved and kept around.  It started with objects...tarnished brass candlesticks, a board in a trash pile with avocado green paint pealing off of it, old scarves with age spots, a sea glass collection, black and white photographs of people I don't know.  The list could go on.  Then I realized I love them because age and imperfection have made them beautiful.  That led me to vintage clothes.  I had dabbled in vintage clothes for years.  Then I turned forty.  Yay, forty!!  I threw away all of my pants and started wearing only things that made me happy and comfortable.  I realized I wanted to share this feeling with others.  I started any Etsy page and then having vintage clothing shows at my house.  There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing someone put on a vintage dress that has spoken to them and see the look on their face that says, "I feel beautiful."  And it's not a shallow beautiful.  It's a "I'm happy with myself.  I feel like myself.  No one else picked this out.  I knew it was for me." beautiful.  And whether it is a 70s dashiki or a 50s evening gown, vintage clothing have this strange ability to make people happy.  Not just you.  The people around you.  When you feel confident, you are kinder, happier, and a better human being.  So I am not saying that you will be a better human if you buy these clothes.  I am saying for you to find your groove anyway you can.  Be who you are.  Wear what makes you happy.  Be good to yourself and to others.  Love your age and your imperfections.  They are beautiful.  You only live once and life is too short to wear anything that gives you a wedgie.